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Founder, Daisy M. Harvey
Founder, Daisy M. Harvey

ANGEL'S, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to serving our community!  We strive to be an educational resource for single parents in the Bolivar/Hardeman County area.


Our objectives are:

To help you understand your role as a parent.

To aid in ways of resolving anger, when out of control.

To aid in resolving parent/child conflicts.

To aid in ways of disciplining children.

To aid in shopping, for food, clothing, and etc.

To aid in using finances properly.

To aid you in recognizing the importance of your child's education.

To aid in becoming aware of community resources, such as (churches, human resources, judicial system, health care services and etc.)


Along with these objectives, ANGEL'S has several GOALS with our single parents in mind.


The applicant will be able to know his/her responsibilities as a parent.

The applicant will learn ways to handle anger in a safe manner.

The applicant will learn how to handle parent/child conflicts tactfully.

The applicant will learn how to discipline in a safe, yet effective manner.

The applicant will be informed in how to be a wise shopper.

The applicant will learn how to manage their finances effectively.

The applicant will learn how important an education is to their family, including him or herself.

The applicant will be knowledgeable about community resources and how they can assist in a better quality of life.

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    Daisy Murphy Harvey, Founder
    P.O. Box 807
    300  East Jackson Street
    Bolivar, TN 38008